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wow gold Just how bad is fast food for you

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Dołączył: 09 Maj 2014
Posty: 155

PostWysłany: Pon Maj 12, 2014 09:41    Temat postu: wow gold Just how bad is fast food for you Odpowiedz z cytatem

Just how bad is fast food for youSee all 7 photos With fast food chains at nearly every corner most people are unaware of the dangers of fast food and the health effects they can have on the body. See all 7 photos GA_googleFillSlot("food_hub_content_250x250"); Fat and Calorie Content: Fast food contains loads of fat and calories which can lead to obesity and heart problems. A double quarter pounder meal with a coke contains nearly 1800 calories. Considering the average person needs 2000 calories daily, this means that one meal has nearly filled the needed calories for the day. Consumption of any meal after this would put a person over the daily recommended value. Unbalanced diet: When you consume fast food most of the food you are consuming is red meat. While red meat is not unhealthy, an unbalanced diet is. When you eat too much fast food you are depriving your body of important fruits and vegetables that it needs to survive. <a href=" of Warcraft - EU.wow_eu.Gold.Info.aspx">wow gold</a> An unbalanced diet like this can increase your risks of health problems. See all 7 photos Solution Fast food does not have to be extremely bad. There are healthier options at places like McDonald's that contain less calories. There are also many places that are fast and easy that contain less harmful products. Portion Control: Control the sizes you order when you go to fast food joints. Stay away from the large combo meals. If you go to fast food places on a regular basis try and cut back to once a week. Chose Healthier: Try and chose healthier chose at fast food restaurants as a final resort. Attempt at looking into healthier places to eat. Places like Chipotle and Noodles and Company are great alternatives to eating at traditional fast food places. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet: Your body functions on fruits and vegetables and it is a key part of a healthy diet. Try and fit as much as you can into your diet. Also, you can think about getting a juicer. It is a great tasty way to get loads of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Sugar Sugar and More Sugar Drinks at fast food chains nearly all contain loads and loads of sugar. Well, whats the problem with sugar? Everyone loves a little sugar now and then. Sugar, as with anything is fine in moderation but large drinks contain bucket loads of sugar and caffeine. These are some of the reasons we love fast food so much. Sugar and caffeine are highly addictive and once on them it is hard to get of See all 7 photos Source: sugarstacks See all 7 photos Solution When you dine at fast food restaurants be sure you avoid the large combo meals. Try to avoid the sugary drinks in general, and if you do order them try to order small. Remember that soft drinks are addictive and can be hard to stay away from Portion Control Order in small portions and never order the large combos with the giant drinks. Keep limits on how much soda you are drinking and try to eliminate them from your diet. Substitute Sugary Drinks for Ones low in Sugar Order alternative drinks that contain less sugar and no caffeine. If the restaurant has tea or lemonade aim at ordering those. <a href=" of Warcraft - EU.wow_eu.Gold.Info.aspx">wow gold</a> Discipline Stay disciplined and make the right choices to protect your body. Risks of a high sugar diet High sugar diets especially in children can increase the risk of diabetes. Diabetes is very dangers and if gone unchecked can result in the loss of limbs. Diabetes is caused by the inability to turn sugar into "fuel" for the body. See all 7 photos See all 7 photos How fast food can cause you to eat more and make you tired A diet high in fast food can cause high fluctuation in blood sugar and when your blood sugar becomes low it makes you tired and hungry. The more fast food you consume the more tired and dependent on high sugar and calorie rich food continues. It is a snowball effect but so are healthy choices. One healthy chose leads to another but have caution because unhealthy choices have the same effect. <a href=" of Warcraft - EU.wow_eu.Gold.Info.aspx">wow gold</a> Caffeine: Most people see caffeine as harmless but has certain health effects on your body. Caffeine is a drug and you can even be addicted to caffeine. A large consumption of caffeine can lead to a dependence as well as extreme fatigue feelings throughout the day Cut back on caffeine: It can be hard to give up caffeine but it will help you stay healthier and even have more energy. If you have to have a soda, choose ones like sprite or root beer that don't have caffeine. You might experience withdraws at first but stay strong. Get more sleep: One of the reasons many people drink caffeinated drinks is because of fatigue. If you are feeling tired the best thing you can do is get more sleep. Sleep is natures caffeine and it will keep you feeling good and healthy. Why Chose Chipotle? 10 Reasons to Eat at Chipotle Great reasons to eat a Chipotle and the unique approach this company makes at providing quality food and ingredients. 10 reason to eat a Chipotle. McDonald's Calorie Content McDonald#39;s Calorie Counter (CalorieLab) Calorie counts and complete nutrition facts for McDonald's from the CalorieLab Nutrition Database. GA_googleFillSlot("food_hub_share_520x280"); Last updated on April 3, 2012 xboter 2014
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Wysłany: Pon Maj 12, 2014 09:41    Temat postu:

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